Sergi Nicolas

The greatest rider that has ever graced the sport. Streetboarding wouldn’t be where it is today without Sergi Nicolas. No terrain escapes his grasp from his absolute domination of street to his limit pushing vert riding. If there ever was one man we could ever call a legend it is him. Not content with world domination. He’s always kept it real by growing the thriving local BCN (Barcelona) scene – respect due. @serginicolas


Gotthard Pilsner

Who else can count a 360 to backside nose grind as a standard trick? Gotthards street tech is unrivaled as is his ability to slay giant handrails for breakfast then put any doubters to bed with a 900 on a quarter. Two time world champion and with multiple video parts under his belt this is one established pro that keeps defying what is possible. Was that really switch? Damn sure it was.  @gotthardpilsner


David LaRotta

David embodies the Dimension spirit. He throws caution to the wind and just flies into action. Maybe it’s because of age or maybe a secret lobotomy but this kid knows no fear. Let his attitude, his riding, his game and his flow be an inspiration to you. He is only 18 and already throwing around double backflips. Keep locked to Dimension for future moves from La Rotta! @davidstreetboard


Mario Kurrle

Coming from the southwest of Germany, the infamous Streetboard city of Stuttgart.  This youngster fresh out of the school we know as The Ositos School.  His master, Thomas Kienle has taught him all he can and now Mario has been let loose to destroy all terrains with his ever growing bag of tricks. During his first trip to California in May we saw that he was the one to become the first new Dimension rider in six years.  He’s only just got started at 19 years old and is about to take it to the next level.