Dimension Streetboards

Dimension Streetboards has been dedicated to supplying top quality streetboard products since 2001. We pride our self on having the best team riders the sport has to offer. Dimension has been a proud supporter of streetboarding across the world since the beginning and for years to come.

Dimension was created by three ambitious young riders looking to develop a sport, a market and an industry. Our company sprung out of the depths of a non-existent sport and now has a largest line of products, the world’s best riders and a world wide distribution network. At Dimension, we are always looking for a bigger, better ride. With this in mind, we strive to bring you the quality, durability and innovation you would expect from the sport’s leader.



Streetboarding combines the smooth body movements of Surfing, the big air of Snowboarding and the technical grinds of Skateboarding. Streetboarding is pushing board sports in a new direction. Never before has a street sport seen combinations such as Backflip 50-50’s, Rodeo Smith grinds, Backside Rode’s, 1080’s, 450 Backside Lipslides, 360 5-0’s and the list goes on.

Since its inception over 20 years ago in South Africa, the sport has remained underground and dormant until now. Riders from around the world are beginning to surface. With new products designed by riders and for riders, Streetboarding has arrived.


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